Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have not posted in for-ev-er

Yeah, I have been kinda busy lately. Paul's B-day was on Monday, the 22nd and he is now the big 2-5. He has been working out like crazy and is losing some weight it looks like. Last Sunday we went to the Dane Cook show at the New Orleans Lakefront Arena. It was funny, but I think I like his earlier stuff better, this was was a little too raunchy. He is a funny guy though! I have never been to a concert or anthing like it before so I was super excited. we Had pretty good seats, But there is always that one person in each section who annoy's the crap out of everyone. We had these two super drunk girls next to us who screamed at everything. For no reason. I don't see the point in getting so drunk you can't even enjoy the show. i'm sure they don't remember it.

We are going to see Transformers 2 in a little bit and I'm looking forward to that. I love Shia LeBeouf. I thinks he's hilarious!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today is my Husbands first Father's day! Happy Father's day to him. I don't have a dad to say that to so I'll just say it in general to all the dad's out there.
My dad that I grew up with and I don't really speak to each other because we gradually grew apart. My sister is spending he day with him though.

We only have 2 more months till Paul ships off to BCT, and he has been busy trying to learn about all the things they reccommend before you go.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Monday, June 15, 2009

The Home Depot

So I used to work at The Home Depot about two years ago and then I quit and went to work for the bank. Well, Now I am going back to work there. I haven;t worked anywhere for about a year, and I'm ready to make some extra money! Paul is going to watch Mason till he leaves and in Aug my grandma will watch him. It's only part time so iat won't be to bad Leaving him! Plus this will give me something to do when Paul is gone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Moon Spoof

Haha did a spoof of the New Moon Trailer. I saw this at
I really can't wait for the movie though. This is hilarious!


I don't really have that much to post about so I'll do a randome post of what comes out of my head for the next few minutes.
Paul built us a porch using all the scrap wood around my grandma's house. We only bought 10 new boards for the whole thing. The other boards are all in good shape. he painted it brown so that it would look uniform.
I haven't been on the computer lately, I have been tying out this new planning what we are going to eat everyday thing, and it has been going good. I don't spend near as much money at the grocery and don't have to go as often becuase I try to get everything I need all at once and I know what I am going for.
My dog is starting to look like a wooly mammoth and his hair is falling down over his eyes. I called the groomer and they are so packed they can't get him in untill June 30th. Ahh! There is only about 2 in our town and the ones I go to are the best. It's like 28 dollars and they spend a good amount of time on him.
Well, I'm going to go eat some chocolate cake!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today is D-Day, If you want to read more about it go to

I haven't really kept up much with this war we are in now, and it is definitly something I am going to get more involved in.

Friday, June 5, 2009


So we had a rough baby day today. Mason is getting more and more bored. I guess he is just getting bigger and wants to get into things more so I am constantly having to pick him up and move him away from whatever he is into. I don't even really have much to move away from or to babyproof. His main this is that he likes to get over the air vents and then cry.. He will crawl to them crawl on them and stay there, but won't crawl off. He is funny like that. Plus when they turn on he does this weird freak out cry. Goodness. I wanted him to be crawling and now he's going tooooo fast! Plus all his toys are boring him. I need to get new ones but they are sorta expensive for something he isn't going to play with that much. I think I need to get a jumper thing for him... I don't know!

I applied for some bank jobs ad an office job today. i decided to go ack to work to earn some extra money and get some furniture and pay off some debt before Paul starts in the Army. I really want to get as much paid off as I can and maybe refinance the truck so i can get a new Car. I need one desperatly I'm driving a 2000 Ford Tarus. I'm surprised it's still trucking along though we are coming up on 200000 miles. I guess i should driv it till it dies though because I have no note on that one!

Anyway, Happy day!, Steph

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 months old!

I'm trying my first post of a video I want to see how it works!

haha Sorry the tv is so loud, I didn't think about all that when I was filming because I was just messing around. He started crawling about 2 weeks ago and he has really gotten the hang of it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I HATE allergies

I know everyone has their own versionof hayfever and such, but mine is an all year long thing that rises and falls. Of course in Spring it gets the worst, but every change of season brings something new. I'm pretty immune to allergy medicines by now.

I am thinking of starting allergy testing and shots as soon as we get insurance. i was supposed to start last year but then I got pregnant and didn't think that would be the best idea to start then.

Also, we watchen Men vs. Wild last night. It was a special episode with Bear and will Ferrell, it was hilarious. He is so deadpan when he talks that you can never tell whats a joke!!

Anyways, I am off to Wally world!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Hes crawling? Really?

No one seems to believe me when I say Mason is crawling. We went to the doctor today and she was like noooo....! He really is I have filmed it just for proof. He started about a week ago and I'm excited. He can't sit up very well by him self yet, he still needs a pillow behind him. It seems like Mason skips some steps and is behind in others. I guess as long as he reaching mIlestones we are good!

Also can I just say that I have the naughtiest poodle ever. He does this thing where if he knows that you are leaving he will run out the door ahead of you and will not let you catch him. Then he proceeds to run down the street after us untill we stop let him in the drive home to ut him inside. I hae no idea how to get rid of this daredevil behavior he has. He is a year and a half now. Is it to late to train him. I need to check out dog training classes.

Hopefully I'll get to run again today I did make it yesterday but it was 10 times harder after not running for those few days!