Monday, June 1, 2009

Hes crawling? Really?

No one seems to believe me when I say Mason is crawling. We went to the doctor today and she was like noooo....! He really is I have filmed it just for proof. He started about a week ago and I'm excited. He can't sit up very well by him self yet, he still needs a pillow behind him. It seems like Mason skips some steps and is behind in others. I guess as long as he reaching mIlestones we are good!

Also can I just say that I have the naughtiest poodle ever. He does this thing where if he knows that you are leaving he will run out the door ahead of you and will not let you catch him. Then he proceeds to run down the street after us untill we stop let him in the drive home to ut him inside. I hae no idea how to get rid of this daredevil behavior he has. He is a year and a half now. Is it to late to train him. I need to check out dog training classes.

Hopefully I'll get to run again today I did make it yesterday but it was 10 times harder after not running for those few days!


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