Thursday, June 11, 2009


I don't really have that much to post about so I'll do a randome post of what comes out of my head for the next few minutes.
Paul built us a porch using all the scrap wood around my grandma's house. We only bought 10 new boards for the whole thing. The other boards are all in good shape. he painted it brown so that it would look uniform.
I haven't been on the computer lately, I have been tying out this new planning what we are going to eat everyday thing, and it has been going good. I don't spend near as much money at the grocery and don't have to go as often becuase I try to get everything I need all at once and I know what I am going for.
My dog is starting to look like a wooly mammoth and his hair is falling down over his eyes. I called the groomer and they are so packed they can't get him in untill June 30th. Ahh! There is only about 2 in our town and the ones I go to are the best. It's like 28 dollars and they spend a good amount of time on him.
Well, I'm going to go eat some chocolate cake!

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