Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have had the hardest week ever.

On Tuesday Me and Mason dropped Paul off at the recruiter's station and they took him to New Orleans. The 19th was his ship date, Wednesday, and they dropped him off at the airport at noon and his plane didn't leave untill 7. I guessing he didn't get to Ft. benning till about 10:00.

On Friday at 3:00pm I got a phone call but theservice in our area has been so bad it dropped. I must have cried for hours. I felt so bad. All we said was hey.I knew there was no way for him to call back either. That night I made sure i put my phone somewhere in my house that had service and i could hear it but around 9:30 pm I heard the message tone telling me I had a voice mail, Yeah it was him again. He ended upo calling his mom after that because they had gotten 10 min to call so she told him what was going on with my phone. I still feel so bad. He told her he was ok and that He was doing ok.

Then this morning I got another call and I got to talk to him for about 30 seconds before the call dropped again.

Needless to say I have been crying for the past few days now. My mom and I worked out a situation to forward my phone to her house phone when I am at home because we live right next door to each other so hopefully if by some grace he get's to call again I'll be ready.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, Summer is coming to a close, Paul only has about 3 weeks till he leaves. His recruiter came over last night cause he was in the area and wanted to check up and answer the rest of our questions. He said Paul has airborne school in his contract and that surprised me because I didn't think that was in there. But he is excited about it and I'm happy for him. No matter how long his trainging is he was told he will be home for Christmas, because they Airborne falls during the Christmas Exodus.

Mason is still trying to get himself walking and is getting more and more verbal. I can hardly talk on the phone without having to listen really hard over a loud yelling baby!

Hope alls well!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Only a month!

We are down to Paul only having amonth left before he leaves. He is getting excited and I feel like time , in a way, is dragging. On one hand I want him to go and start so he can be done so I can see him again. On the other hand I don't want to have to do with out him. It's catch-22! He says he is ready and has no regrets. He told me that it was always something he sorta wanted to do and see how it would be so he is ready to experience it. Paul has been spending a lot of time with his friends and getting in all that time and playing that he know he will miss out on.

In other news Mason is about to start walking and I am excited! He is getting in to everything though and Saturday we realized he doesn't like crowds at all. We went to Pauls family reunion and Mason was not happy with all the people getting in his face and talking at him. He broke down and cried... it was so sad to see his little lip poke out. He does the bottom lip thing perfectly.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well!!
XOXO, Stephanie

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am back from my break

I haven't blogged in a while again because I have a had a busy month beginning. We went to Dallas o visit my grandpa for the 4th of July. Let mr tell you 13 hours in a care with a 7 month old baby and 3 other people is hard. I drove the whole way. We left here at 9 am and went to Longview, TX first to pick up my best friend. She was going with us and I was so excited because I hadn't seen her since I had got married. Then we moved on to Dallas. Mason actually wasn't as bad as I though he was going to be. We stopped a lot and my sister and her Boyfriend entertained him the whole way.

Lately I have just been trying to spend time with Paul, but it's getting a little harder because all he wants to do is hang out with his friends. He say's it's because he's not going to get to see them for a while, but he won't get to see me and Mason for a while too. I guess he figures he's "always" around us.. Whatever. I'm sure he will realize he should have spent more time with us when he is gone.

I need to start getting a list together of thing I need him to do before he leaves!
Anyways, I'm going to try to start bloggin again more often!!
xoxo, Steph

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have not posted in for-ev-er

Yeah, I have been kinda busy lately. Paul's B-day was on Monday, the 22nd and he is now the big 2-5. He has been working out like crazy and is losing some weight it looks like. Last Sunday we went to the Dane Cook show at the New Orleans Lakefront Arena. It was funny, but I think I like his earlier stuff better, this was was a little too raunchy. He is a funny guy though! I have never been to a concert or anthing like it before so I was super excited. we Had pretty good seats, But there is always that one person in each section who annoy's the crap out of everyone. We had these two super drunk girls next to us who screamed at everything. For no reason. I don't see the point in getting so drunk you can't even enjoy the show. i'm sure they don't remember it.

We are going to see Transformers 2 in a little bit and I'm looking forward to that. I love Shia LeBeouf. I thinks he's hilarious!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Today is my Husbands first Father's day! Happy Father's day to him. I don't have a dad to say that to so I'll just say it in general to all the dad's out there.
My dad that I grew up with and I don't really speak to each other because we gradually grew apart. My sister is spending he day with him though.

We only have 2 more months till Paul ships off to BCT, and he has been busy trying to learn about all the things they reccommend before you go.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Monday, June 15, 2009

The Home Depot

So I used to work at The Home Depot about two years ago and then I quit and went to work for the bank. Well, Now I am going back to work there. I haven;t worked anywhere for about a year, and I'm ready to make some extra money! Paul is going to watch Mason till he leaves and in Aug my grandma will watch him. It's only part time so iat won't be to bad Leaving him! Plus this will give me something to do when Paul is gone.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Moon Spoof

Haha did a spoof of the New Moon Trailer. I saw this at
I really can't wait for the movie though. This is hilarious!


I don't really have that much to post about so I'll do a randome post of what comes out of my head for the next few minutes.
Paul built us a porch using all the scrap wood around my grandma's house. We only bought 10 new boards for the whole thing. The other boards are all in good shape. he painted it brown so that it would look uniform.
I haven't been on the computer lately, I have been tying out this new planning what we are going to eat everyday thing, and it has been going good. I don't spend near as much money at the grocery and don't have to go as often becuase I try to get everything I need all at once and I know what I am going for.
My dog is starting to look like a wooly mammoth and his hair is falling down over his eyes. I called the groomer and they are so packed they can't get him in untill June 30th. Ahh! There is only about 2 in our town and the ones I go to are the best. It's like 28 dollars and they spend a good amount of time on him.
Well, I'm going to go eat some chocolate cake!

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Today is D-Day, If you want to read more about it go to

I haven't really kept up much with this war we are in now, and it is definitly something I am going to get more involved in.

Friday, June 5, 2009


So we had a rough baby day today. Mason is getting more and more bored. I guess he is just getting bigger and wants to get into things more so I am constantly having to pick him up and move him away from whatever he is into. I don't even really have much to move away from or to babyproof. His main this is that he likes to get over the air vents and then cry.. He will crawl to them crawl on them and stay there, but won't crawl off. He is funny like that. Plus when they turn on he does this weird freak out cry. Goodness. I wanted him to be crawling and now he's going tooooo fast! Plus all his toys are boring him. I need to get new ones but they are sorta expensive for something he isn't going to play with that much. I think I need to get a jumper thing for him... I don't know!

I applied for some bank jobs ad an office job today. i decided to go ack to work to earn some extra money and get some furniture and pay off some debt before Paul starts in the Army. I really want to get as much paid off as I can and maybe refinance the truck so i can get a new Car. I need one desperatly I'm driving a 2000 Ford Tarus. I'm surprised it's still trucking along though we are coming up on 200000 miles. I guess i should driv it till it dies though because I have no note on that one!

Anyway, Happy day!, Steph

Thursday, June 4, 2009

6 months old!

I'm trying my first post of a video I want to see how it works!

haha Sorry the tv is so loud, I didn't think about all that when I was filming because I was just messing around. He started crawling about 2 weeks ago and he has really gotten the hang of it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I HATE allergies

I know everyone has their own versionof hayfever and such, but mine is an all year long thing that rises and falls. Of course in Spring it gets the worst, but every change of season brings something new. I'm pretty immune to allergy medicines by now.

I am thinking of starting allergy testing and shots as soon as we get insurance. i was supposed to start last year but then I got pregnant and didn't think that would be the best idea to start then.

Also, we watchen Men vs. Wild last night. It was a special episode with Bear and will Ferrell, it was hilarious. He is so deadpan when he talks that you can never tell whats a joke!!

Anyways, I am off to Wally world!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Hes crawling? Really?

No one seems to believe me when I say Mason is crawling. We went to the doctor today and she was like noooo....! He really is I have filmed it just for proof. He started about a week ago and I'm excited. He can't sit up very well by him self yet, he still needs a pillow behind him. It seems like Mason skips some steps and is behind in others. I guess as long as he reaching mIlestones we are good!

Also can I just say that I have the naughtiest poodle ever. He does this thing where if he knows that you are leaving he will run out the door ahead of you and will not let you catch him. Then he proceeds to run down the street after us untill we stop let him in the drive home to ut him inside. I hae no idea how to get rid of this daredevil behavior he has. He is a year and a half now. Is it to late to train him. I need to check out dog training classes.

Hopefully I'll get to run again today I did make it yesterday but it was 10 times harder after not running for those few days!


Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I haven't been running again yet since Wed, for circumstances I couldn't control! I hate when I am trying to start a new thing and then I do to days and it gets screwed up. But I am back on track I am going tonight to the track and going to try to do 2 miles. Well run at least one and try to run walk to other. I am so out of shape it's not funny the last time I ran anywhere it was cause someone was trying to get me out on a base. And that was in high school about 3 yrs ago.

Anyway, check out Mason on his cousins little riding toy. I have to get one of these!

Saturday, May 30, 2009


I just realized that I had my comments turned off so if anyone visits leave me a comment so I don't feel lonely!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I'm going to do a wordless Wednesday for everyone!

Baby Oliver!

Cowboy Oliver, this was his halloween costume. He hated it becaue all the other dogs in the yard would run after him and tug on it and he would be pulled along. It was hilarious when he ran though the little man on the back looked like he was holding on for dear life!

They were hanging out by the fire.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We bought The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today and watched it. My honest opinion is it was ok. i Love Brad Pitt and all and it was a well told story, but it just wasn't a great movie for me.. The ending was soo sad though. Imagine being a little baby like that. I think it was a little silly to have the daughter wait that long to tell her, but anyway.

Mason , my sister and I went to Target today! the best store ever! I decided that I am going to try to start running, and my sister is running with me, so we went to get some shorts and a new sports bra. My goal by the end of summer is to make it to the front of our neighbor hood and back running all the way. It's about 4 miles, so hopefully I can do it. I don't think I want to be a long distance runner, because I don't think I could run for the hour or so it takes to get 15 miles in. I don't really know much about running so before I buy all this cool stuff I'm going to make myself go everyday thats possible for a month.

Mason started really crawling today he is getting faster. He used to get about one leg up then stop and lay down then get back up and try again. Today he really got going and was all the way across the living room! He isn't even 6 months yet. i hope this means we have a early walker! It does also mean that I have to start babyproofing everything. he likes to try and find any wire or paper that is laying around cause obviousl those are more fun than his toys!

Well I am off to bed and hopefully another good day of running awaits me tomorrow!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Been a Few Days

So it's been a few days since I wrote. i have really been caught up with Watching Heroes, and playing with my baby!1
He is finally doing better! No more runny nose or coughing. I am so excited!
I have a baby shower to go to today for my cousin. They are having a baby in July. After that I am heading to the in-laws.

I will post more tonight when I get back!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I got my hair done! I'm so excited i dyed it back to my natural color but witha pretty tone to it. I have naturally mousy brown hair and now its shiny .. I did have higlights before and so it's a bit lighter on those parts, but I think next time i go to get it dyed again it will do even better. I have been tanning so I look ok this time with brown hair. If I'm pale it tends to wash me out.

Mason is finally getting better, his nose isn't runny hardly at all and his cough has gone down dramatically. Paul started working out at the local gym yesterday and he is really sore today.

I wish that there was somewhere I could find infinite knowledge on the army. Every question I have that I find an answer too, leaves me with about 5 more questions. There is no hope!

I finally finished all of Season 1 of Gossip Girl. I need to find some good movies to rent at netflix though!

Have a lovely day!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Laughs

Is there anything better than baby laughs? Mason has been testing his voicebox lately and it's a bung of screeching and coughing sounds! Today though when I was tickling him he did a cough laugh. Not a true laugh yet but I love when a baby smiles at you and he does it with his whole face not just his mouth.

Today was another boring day not much has been going on around here but us being lazy. Paul was supposed to work out tonight but the guy he goes with canceled because his daughter had tonsilits((sp?)). So he's is just going to go run. I did get all my laundry done and ther is nothing I hate more than folding clothes. It is the worst. I have been thinking about getting a new omputer and I'm looking at the new netbooks. The little small laptops. They are great for internet sutff, and I already have my desktop here if I need it.

Well I'm gonna go start dinner! Something with deer sausage that Paul made...! Probably dirty rice YUM!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Layout!

I got a new layout from Allison of
Addie Designs. I love it so much and it's so pretty! Plus i'm still liking my name so that good.

Last night I decided to go over all the debt we currently have not including the house and figure out how to pay it off before Paul leave so we can start out with as much taken care of as possible.

Paul is going to try to take a pipefitting job in Texas that way he can make some good money fast so we can maybe pay some things off! We are supposed to go to the Dane Cook concert in New Orleans on June 21 so hopefully he can come back for that. I'm so excited I have never see anything Live, and I love Dane Cook. Plus Pauls B-day is the next day so it was his present.

I think the next couple of weeks I am going to try to organize my house. I know it might be a little early to do all that but I need to see what I need to get furniture wise((we are still using hand-me-downs)) and it will probably be an ongoing project.

On another note on of my best friends from high school got in touch with me over email again and I'm glad cause I had lost her address. Her Husband is in the Marines so she will be able to help me with the whole Military life as well. I wish I could go see her! Her Husand is being deployed in Sept and she is going back home to TX for a while till he gets back. Hopefully I can get up to see her then!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Funny, I got this off of Misadventures of a Newlywed

You go to Flickr and search using the answers to the below questions. Then you put them in a

1. What is your first name? Stephanie
2. What is your favorite food? Fried mushroom((you have to try))
3. What high school did you attend? I don't want to say but I told Flickr
4. What is your favorite color? bright blue ((that girl has a lovely eyebrow))
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Eric Dane
6. Favorite drink? Malibu and Pineapple
7. Dream vacation? Greece
8. Favorite dessert? chocolate pie
9. What do you want to be when you grow up? maybe a teacher
10. What do you love most in life? Paul and Mason
11. One word to describe you? original
12. Your Flickr name? dont have one so ill do my maiden name

Gossip Girl

Ok, so I love Gossip Girl! It took me while to get on the train, but wow! All I can say is, they have a lot of freedom in their young lives. I would love to have that amount of money, and freedom. I would like to think that I would spend my time a little more wisely though. Anyway, I am only on the first season cause I am renting them from Netflix, but what I have seen so far I love. It's kinda racy for the age group they are targeting though, it's my new guilty pleasure.

Oh and turns out Mason has Bronchitis((sp?)). I called the doc today to see about getting some diff medicine for him because he was still coughing like crazy, and the nurse said. Well he has B--- so it will be a few days before it's better. I didn't remember hearing that at the appt. I remember the doc saying he had a 'cold' . Well no wonder he feels like crap! my poor little man is miserable!

xoxo, Steph

New name

Well, I got a new name, but I'm not sure. I really want something cute.

I love love love this song by the Zach Brown Band. Whatever It Is.
You HAVE to listen to it. Paul said it describes me haha ((swoon))

I don't really have anything to blog about today. Paul is doing good on his getting in shape stuff, he went to the recruiters office yesterday and did PT with everyone, and he has been running everyday. I have been reading a lot of blogs trying to prepare myself for every possible outcome. I know you can never fully prepare for life in the army, but I can try!!

In a lighter note, I watched my Grey's Anatomy Finale on the internet today and gosh could they have left it with more of a cliffhanger. I can not wait for the new season. I need to find out when that will be.

I'm thinking about changing my blog name but I can't come up with any thing catchy so it will stay this way for now.

Sorry this was such a horrible post!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well, let me just say that was the longest day of my life! I wanted to go watch Paul swear in, so the recruiter took me up there for 11 a.m., and we figured he would be done by 1:30.
Turns out they were having computer problems so they didn't get to them until about 7:30.
He was sooooo tired! but he did get all of his paperwork done and his MOS lined up. He leaves for Ft. Benning on Aug 19, 2009. Now I have to read over all the paperwork he was given and find out what else needs to be done.

Mason is still sick, but in good spirits! He has a hellacious runny nose and won't let me get near him with the snot sucker. It's so gross. It's so heart breaking too cause if he laughs or yells to loud it brings on a coughing fit that makes him cry. The coughing has let up a bit though so thats good.

Now that all this swearing in is over it seems like a long time to wait for him to leave. I'm not anxious to get rid of him or anything, but I am ready to move past the graduating thing and get settled in our new lives. I am really excited about the benefits that are coming with this particularly the school stuff. I am excited on going back to school and I can't wait. I kind of have been toying with the idea of being a teacher for like 1st or 2nd grade. I'm not sure. I still might just finish my accounting stuff.

Well, I have to go, but i might get to post more later!!


Monday, May 11, 2009

My Baby's got a runny nose....

Hey everyone, I feel so bad for my little man he's sick. I think he's got a little bit of hay fever. I have super bad allergies related to outside and changing of the seasons is the worst so I think I passed on that undesireable gene to my little Mason man. I feel so bad for him last night he was coughing so hard he was crying everytime he did. It was like a little wail not full on crying so I know his throat must have been hurting him.

I had to use that little snot sucker thing on him 'cause he was so congested in his nose he couldn't eat and he does not like that at all! Hopefully he gets to feeling better soon I made him an appt today. Yesterday was Mother's Day, My first one ever. We went by Pauls's mom's because they were grilling. It was very yummy.

Today I have to drop Paul off at the recruiter office at 4:00 to be whicked away to New Orleans. He gets to sleepover in a hotel tonight then go to MEPS in the morning and do all the signing stuff. Hopefully I'll get to go up there tomorrow and watch him swear in I have to ask.

Anyway, I have to go take a shower and get motivated!

xoxo, Steph

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOS and a diet`

Well, yesterday was the day of testing! Haha Paul said his brain hurt when he got home. He left here to meet the recruiter for 1, and he was told his passport was ok for identification. Well turns out they had to have a social security card and he didn't have one so they took him to the office in New Orleans to get one mailed out and the MEPS took the confirmation page thankfully.

When he got done it was about 7:00 and he called me to come meet him at the recruiter's office because I had told him I wanted to be there to hear everything. Once there we discovered the only job available to him was Infantry, not that his scores were bad just that the army was basically out of jobs and Infantry was what was left. There were only 15 spots left in the whole Army and Paul got one. He was talking to us about the bonus he could get and what else needed to be done.

Paul has to sign his contract on Tuesday the 13th so as of then he will be In the Army. Today he went up there to go do a medical form and some PT. He decided he wants to get in as good of shape before he ships off as he can so a diet started today, we have to go to Wal-Mart later to get Diet food.

His actual ship date won't be till Aug 12th, and he will be going to Ft. Benning. That isn't too too far away so that if he get a weekend pass I can drive up there and see him maybe. He will be doing OSUT (One Station Unit Training) so his basic and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) will be combined. He will be gone for 14 weeks in all so from end of Aug to sometime Nov.

Right now we are both excited, and I hope this time doesn't fly by too quickly with him being here then having to leave.

Anyway, I have to go finish my cookies!

xoxo, Steph

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

About Us

Ok I decided to tell you guys a little bit about us:

* My name is Stephanie and his is Paul
*We have a little boy named Mason who was born dec 4, 2008
*We have a chocolate poodle named Oliver who is very hardheaded, he does not listen at all, ever!

*We met while both working at the same job.
*Paul is a big outdoors guy, right now he is working on his vegtable garden, and cleaning out the back woods, he loves to hunt, fish, go mud riding. He is a guy's guy.
*I love to read. I'm usually pretty organized, but sometimes it's hard for me to get motivated. It's like I have super efficient Steph(she is good at cleaning or little projects), and Lazy Steph(she just likes to sit on the couch and read or watch tv).

Really the only other things I can say are that we got married in Feb '08, and Paul has lived in Lacombe, LA his entire life! It will be fun to see how all the moves work for him! I was Born in Bogalousa,LA(near slidell) and raised in Gilmer, TX. If anyone asks where I'm from i"ll first tell them TX! I am kind of excited about this whole Army thing because I always wanted to travel and see places. I want to actually finish school for once and maybe now will be my time to do it. I don't have a desire to get a big degree I just want a little accounting degree!

I'm excited to do this now while Mason is young so we can get our bearings first with out having to worry about how this will all affect him. I think I need to invest in some training courses for Oliver though cause he is a handful!

Anyway, Just thought I'd Share!!

xo, Steph

Monday, May 4, 2009

Ha hahaha!!

totally random post for a sec... My sister was watching Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and I think my favorite part of that entire movie is when Madea goes into the closet and is reading clothes and says " Who is do-say and Ga-bana? Who dat is?" Ha ha then she goes in to a fit and they destroy everything. The new wife comes in and says she's gonna call the police and Madea says, "Call the po-po I ain't scared of no Po-po!"

Ok, Back to normal!

When we went to the recruiter the other day, I just wanted to tell ya'll about it. I insisted on going with hubby because I have heard all these stories about them getting sucked in and signing up and not getting all the details. Well when we went in, the guy was totally nice and my husband had actually gone to school with him though he was a few years older. He really made me feel at ease and didn't treat me like I was unimportant he answered my questions just as well as hubby's. I still have a lot more questions and I'm hoping he won't mind me emailing him periodically after Hubby goes away.

I have been reading soooooo many blogs and online forums and message boards trying to get as prepared as possible. I think one of the hardest things will be when I finally get to move to be with him, I won't have my family support system I won't know anyone it'll just be me, him, Mason, and Oliver(the pup). I won't have a babysitter anymore. I don't work but there were times my mom could just come over and watch Mason for me so I could run to town really quick. i think it will be hard to have to lug the baby around everywhere just for a quick trip to town, or if I want to go try something new by myself I'm hoping there will be some sort of babysitting thing where I can just drop him off for an after noon or so.

On a funny note, I got a fresh food feeder thing from my sister in-law yesterday and tried it with Mason, I put some chocolate teddy grahams in it. He went to town he looked like he was covered in mud. Hubby was like this is the grossest thing ever and I had to give him a bath, then I saw a little later he still had some in his neck crease, haha yuck. Oh to be a baby, things are so simple for them!!

Well it's time to eat so, You stay classy San Diego.. ((Hahah good movie))

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Telling the Family

Well, hubbys family found out tonight. We were going over there to eat crawfish(oh so good) and they were a little upset cause he hadn't told them yet. His reasoning was that he didn't want to say anything till he had taken the test and knew what jobs were available to him. I can understand that part of it but I also want to say "I told him to say something when he started seriously considering it!"

Anyway, the baby is asleep and I'm tired too!! Enjoying life right now!

Doing the Waiting game

Well, Hubby goes for his ASVAB test on Wednesday. He has been doing a little bit of studying online, but you know it's been like 6 years since he was in school. That is the one thing I don't like about standardized testing, not everyone is a good test taker. Some take to long, or get to nervous. I'm not a bad test taker but I just have a habit of flying through things.

Anyway, he was looking at all the jobs last night and was thinking about being a nutritionist. He wanted to go to college for that because he used to be really big into working out and eating right. He did bodybuilding till he got to busy!

I think the worst part about everything right now, is waiting. I hate not know whats coming next or when it will be and so this whole experience will be something new for me and something I'll be able to work on because everything is unexpected with the army.

well, the baby is down for a nap so that means there is laundry to be done, oh joy. I don't know what he's gonna do with out me for training(or me him).