Thursday, May 7, 2009

MOS and a diet`

Well, yesterday was the day of testing! Haha Paul said his brain hurt when he got home. He left here to meet the recruiter for 1, and he was told his passport was ok for identification. Well turns out they had to have a social security card and he didn't have one so they took him to the office in New Orleans to get one mailed out and the MEPS took the confirmation page thankfully.

When he got done it was about 7:00 and he called me to come meet him at the recruiter's office because I had told him I wanted to be there to hear everything. Once there we discovered the only job available to him was Infantry, not that his scores were bad just that the army was basically out of jobs and Infantry was what was left. There were only 15 spots left in the whole Army and Paul got one. He was talking to us about the bonus he could get and what else needed to be done.

Paul has to sign his contract on Tuesday the 13th so as of then he will be In the Army. Today he went up there to go do a medical form and some PT. He decided he wants to get in as good of shape before he ships off as he can so a diet started today, we have to go to Wal-Mart later to get Diet food.

His actual ship date won't be till Aug 12th, and he will be going to Ft. Benning. That isn't too too far away so that if he get a weekend pass I can drive up there and see him maybe. He will be doing OSUT (One Station Unit Training) so his basic and AIT (Advanced Individual Training) will be combined. He will be gone for 14 weeks in all so from end of Aug to sometime Nov.

Right now we are both excited, and I hope this time doesn't fly by too quickly with him being here then having to leave.

Anyway, I have to go finish my cookies!

xoxo, Steph

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