Monday, May 4, 2009

Ha hahaha!!

totally random post for a sec... My sister was watching Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and I think my favorite part of that entire movie is when Madea goes into the closet and is reading clothes and says " Who is do-say and Ga-bana? Who dat is?" Ha ha then she goes in to a fit and they destroy everything. The new wife comes in and says she's gonna call the police and Madea says, "Call the po-po I ain't scared of no Po-po!"

Ok, Back to normal!

When we went to the recruiter the other day, I just wanted to tell ya'll about it. I insisted on going with hubby because I have heard all these stories about them getting sucked in and signing up and not getting all the details. Well when we went in, the guy was totally nice and my husband had actually gone to school with him though he was a few years older. He really made me feel at ease and didn't treat me like I was unimportant he answered my questions just as well as hubby's. I still have a lot more questions and I'm hoping he won't mind me emailing him periodically after Hubby goes away.

I have been reading soooooo many blogs and online forums and message boards trying to get as prepared as possible. I think one of the hardest things will be when I finally get to move to be with him, I won't have my family support system I won't know anyone it'll just be me, him, Mason, and Oliver(the pup). I won't have a babysitter anymore. I don't work but there were times my mom could just come over and watch Mason for me so I could run to town really quick. i think it will be hard to have to lug the baby around everywhere just for a quick trip to town, or if I want to go try something new by myself I'm hoping there will be some sort of babysitting thing where I can just drop him off for an after noon or so.

On a funny note, I got a fresh food feeder thing from my sister in-law yesterday and tried it with Mason, I put some chocolate teddy grahams in it. He went to town he looked like he was covered in mud. Hubby was like this is the grossest thing ever and I had to give him a bath, then I saw a little later he still had some in his neck crease, haha yuck. Oh to be a baby, things are so simple for them!!

Well it's time to eat so, You stay classy San Diego.. ((Hahah good movie))

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