Monday, May 18, 2009

Baby Laughs

Is there anything better than baby laughs? Mason has been testing his voicebox lately and it's a bung of screeching and coughing sounds! Today though when I was tickling him he did a cough laugh. Not a true laugh yet but I love when a baby smiles at you and he does it with his whole face not just his mouth.

Today was another boring day not much has been going on around here but us being lazy. Paul was supposed to work out tonight but the guy he goes with canceled because his daughter had tonsilits((sp?)). So he's is just going to go run. I did get all my laundry done and ther is nothing I hate more than folding clothes. It is the worst. I have been thinking about getting a new omputer and I'm looking at the new netbooks. The little small laptops. They are great for internet sutff, and I already have my desktop here if I need it.

Well I'm gonna go start dinner! Something with deer sausage that Paul made...! Probably dirty rice YUM!


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