Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We bought The Curious Case of Benjamin Button today and watched it. My honest opinion is it was ok. i Love Brad Pitt and all and it was a well told story, but it just wasn't a great movie for me.. The ending was soo sad though. Imagine being a little baby like that. I think it was a little silly to have the daughter wait that long to tell her, but anyway.

Mason , my sister and I went to Target today! the best store ever! I decided that I am going to try to start running, and my sister is running with me, so we went to get some shorts and a new sports bra. My goal by the end of summer is to make it to the front of our neighbor hood and back running all the way. It's about 4 miles, so hopefully I can do it. I don't think I want to be a long distance runner, because I don't think I could run for the hour or so it takes to get 15 miles in. I don't really know much about running so before I buy all this cool stuff I'm going to make myself go everyday thats possible for a month.

Mason started really crawling today he is getting faster. He used to get about one leg up then stop and lay down then get back up and try again. Today he really got going and was all the way across the living room! He isn't even 6 months yet. i hope this means we have a early walker! It does also mean that I have to start babyproofing everything. he likes to try and find any wire or paper that is laying around cause obviousl those are more fun than his toys!

Well I am off to bed and hopefully another good day of running awaits me tomorrow!

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